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Tubs isn't sheepish about revealing cover of Christmas book


Tubs is known for his love of Christmas jumpers

Tubs is known for his love of Christmas jumpers

Tubs is known for his love of Christmas jumpers

He's the king of the Toy Show, known for his love of Christmas jumpers, and now Ryan Tubridy has been inspired by his festive knitwear to write a new children's book.

The RTE star has written the tale of The First Christmas Jumper And The Sheep Who Changed Everything, a story about how the very first Christmas jumper came to be.

Readers will meet Hillary the sheep, who has an impressive coloured coat of wool that might just be perfect for Santa's new woolly jumper.

Easons will reveal the cover of Tubridy's new book online today. It was illustrated by Dublin artist Chris Judge and will be published on October 25.

Late Late Show host Tubridy told the Herald earlier this year that he planned to spend his summer writing the book rather than heading to the BBC, where he traditionally filled in for radio hosts during their holidays.

He said he had thoroughly enjoyed putting pen to paper on his second offering to the book world, having previously written his first picture book, Patrick And The President, last year.

He was also grateful to artist Judge for bringing his characters to life through his illustrations.


"As everybody knows, I'm a huge fan of a Christmas jumper, so writing this book was the perfect opportunity for me to tell a true story," he said.

"It's the tale of a woolly rainbowed sheep whose fabulous fleece made the very first Christmas jumper.

"It's been so much fun to write and also incredibly thrilling to see Chris Judge's art bring my words to life on the page.

"His illustrations could not be any more perfect - it's as if he could actually see inside my brain."

At the National Ploughing Championships in Co Offaly last week, Tubridy told how the book's message was one for "children who dare to dream".

He hinted that he had plenty of fun with sheep-related puns when he was writing too.

"In my new children's book the central character is a sheep like no other that saves Christmas," he said.

"She's female and the message of the book is dedicated to children who dare to dream."