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Tubridy, Majella and Love/Hate cat are slammed


Toy Show 2014

Toy Show 2014

Toy Show 2014

RYAN Tubridy, the Toy Show and the Love/Hate cat topped the list of complaints about the Late Late Show in the last two years.

Copies of complaints lodged by viewers about the show were released to the Herald under the Freedom of Information request.

The shooting of the cat in crime drama Love/Hate caused a furore.

Having it as a 'guest' did not go down well with viewers either.

"The fact that it was allowed in the first place just boggles the mind. Bring a cat out of its environment and into a studio with few hundred people?" one angry viewer wrote.

Another branded the slot "a complete debacle and an utter disgrace".


Some viewers who contacted the show also took issue with host Ryan Tubridy.

One branded him a "wooden presenter", using all capital letters to get their point across.

"For me I cannot understand why we, the Irish people, put up with this junk," the complainant added.

Meanwhile, another viewer took an equally harsh approach.

"Is he the best you have?" the complaint read. "One of the worst interviewers in modern times but part of the clique so obviously safe in his job."

The annual Toy Show attracted a deal of criticism too.

And an outraged mum lodged a complaint about the use of strobe lighting in last Christmas' show.

Her nine-year-old son had been diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy and as a result he could not watch for fear of having a seizure.

The previous year's show offended another viewer for an entirely different reason.

A toy farm featured and had a wind turbine, which the viewer felt was not representative.

"This is brainwashing, showing images on TV that you hope if seen often enough will become accepted as the norm, and you start with children," the complainant's email read.


A 26-year old cancer patient also complained that Majella O'Donnell's head shave was a "publicity stunt".

Outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins also attracted the anger of unhappy viewers.

And a strongly worded complaint was lodged after a show fearuring Conor McGregor and boyband Hometown, which was branded "gutter trash" by the viewer.