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Tubridy knocks RTE for failing to screen Martin's challenge

RYAN Tubridy has hit out at his own employer for its failure to air Micheal Martin's press conference live on television.

RTE has come under fire in recent months for its lack of coverage concerning major political announcements, and now one of its biggest stars has suggested that the State broadcaster's reporting of the latest political saga wasn't up to scratch.


RTE was so far behind in its reporting, that its television coverage on last night's Nine O'Clock news aired nearly an hour after Sky News, which began reporting after 8pm.

Tubridy instead gave credit to news website thejournal.ie for their live reporting online.

"Thanks and congratulations to The Journal.ie for flawless coverage via Twitter of Micheal Martin press conference. Should've been on the TV," he wrote on his Twitter page.

The Late Late Show host was diligently tweeting his thoughts on the press conference yesterday evening, shunning RTE and instead referencing the BBC as his source of information.

"BBC saying Cowen to remain as Taoiseach and FF leader," he said. Moments later, he added: "Sky News ticker says Cowen is staying put?"

RTE said that they couldn't cover the event because the details were only confirmed at the last minute.

Members of the media were only given 30 minutes notice that there was an upcoming conference, which was covered by Sky News and BBC.


Last November, RTE received dozens of complaints over its "abysmal" coverage of the Taoiseach's historic state of the nation address.

During Vincent Browne's now legendary interrogation of Brian Cowen following the announcement of the IMF bailout, RTE immediately cut their live feed.

And former RTE director of television Helen O'Rahilly blasted the "haphazard" decision to cut what she described as "riveting television" and of "historical importance".

She insisted that the station should have maintained live coverage of the important event.