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Tubridy calls on pals for UK book launch


STAR GUESTS: Ryan Tubridy

STAR GUESTS: Ryan Tubridy

STAR GUESTS: Ryan Tubridy

THE profile of Ryan Tubridy across the water is to get a boost from a UK launch for his new book.

One Direction's Niall Horan, chatshow host Terry Wogan and comedians Dara O Briain and Graham Norton will all be on the guest list next month for the London launch party for the RTE's star's second book 'The Irish Are Coming'.

All the well-known faces feature in the new volume which focuses on Irish men and women who have made a major impact in the UK.

"It's a tribute to all the Irish people who've conquered Britain. It looks at everyone from the Duke of Wellington, Dara O Briain, Terry Wogan, Graham Norton, right up to Niall Horan," said Tubridy.



Both Graham Norton and Terry Wogan feature on the book's cover alongside Tubridy himself, who could well be conquering Britain in the same way after a series of stints on BBC Radio 2.

The spells at London's Broadcasting House also gave the 40-year-old access to interview some of the key players in his book, including the biggest Irish UK media star of them all, Terry Wogan who he describes as a "mentor".

Another inspiration for the volume was the late Eamon Andrews who travelled back and forth to Portmarnock, Dublin as he hosted ITV's This Is Your Life.

"Eamon Andrews was liked in the UK because he had a classless voice. It wasn't a plummy voice. It was genial," said Tubridy.

"The British system is a bit classist and class-based. They like somebody who isn't tainted by any of that."

The broadcaster's last book 'JFK: A Homecoming', which concerned President John F Kennedy's historic visit to Ireland in June 1963, also opened doors for Tubridy and led to him appearing on US TV on St Patrick's Day to talk about it.

Meanwhile, a galaxy of Irish media stars are expected at the Dublin launch of 'The Irish Are Coming' in Residence next Wednesday night.