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Try looking at Apple's amazing success story then start asking Why?

The secret to inspiring and influencing people is to follow Apple's Think Different ad slogan.

Speaking at an RDS business breakfast, Red Sky life coach Kellan Cunningham (pictured) says people are more interested in why you do something, rather than in what you do.

Author Simon Sinek says as much in his book, Start With Why.

The rise of the personal brand is shown by Richard Branson's 2.9 miillion followers on Twitter, compared to his Virgin empire's 68,000 official Twitter followers.

The tie-loathing thrillseeker is passionate about turning ideas into reality. Cunningham says we need inside-out marketing. Outside-in – namely the what, how and why – is dull.

If Apple's marketing was like everyone else's, the story would be: "We make great computers, beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly... wanna buy one?"

Such a pitch bores the pants off consumers. But Apple goes for inside-out. Consumers find the why, how and what line compelling.

Apple's take is "in everything we do, we challenge the status quo, we believe in 'think different'. We make beautifully designed products, simple to use and user friendly – we just happen to design computers... wanna buy one?"

Cunningham says marketers should create their own message with 'why' as the cause and 'how' as the value proposition. The 'what' is the product or service. Instead of asking what they can do to compete, they should ask why did we start doing what we do in the first place? The goal in business is not to sell to everyone who wants your product. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.