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TRX has trimmed my tum - Courtney

Top stylist Courtney Smith has revealed that the secret to her trim figure is TRX classes - a craze sweeping through Irish gyms.

TRX is a suspension training bodyweight exercise that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to develop strength, balance and core stability.

Speaking to the Herald, Courtney (right) said: "I love TRX. It's so good.

"It is hard but I'm doing an eight-week course and they teach you loads about eating right as well.

"I always ate healthily but almost too healthily. Before, I would've been the person who might have skipped breakfast and then had a salad for lunch but then not had rice with my dinner.

"Whereas now I'm eating more, I'm having porridge in the morning, then a snack a few hours later, and then I'd have rice and chicken and broccoli so I'm actually eating way more now and I'm not bloated which is obviously amazing".

She prides herself on hitting the gym hard:

"I go to my early morning TRX classes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and then I go to my own gym to do a light work out on Tuesday and Thursday. I never thought I'd say this but I actually love working out. Now when I miss a session, I miss it."


"The areas I've most noticed a change is in my stomach. It feels so much more toned. I'd tried everything, every gym class and this is one thing that I feel works for me. Everyone is different but this has had the biggest effect on my body.".

Speaking at the a showcase of jewellery company Parfois's Autumn/Winter Collection, brand ambassador Courtney said she has no holiday plans to show off her trim bod though as she's really busy with work.

"I was in New York for DKNY a few months ago and I've a few work trips planned before the end of the summer but I've no major holiday planned right now."