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Trudie loves our 'passion' for song

Actress Trudie Styler's experience of other cultures has made her realise that Ireland is more passionate about language and song than anywhere else.

Sting's wife of 21 years, Trudie (59), has returned to the stage and is starring in stars in an iconic Anton Chekhov play, reworked to be set in Ireland.

The English native appears in a New York production of Anton Chekhov's 'The Seagull' – adapted by Thomas Kilroy, who has changed the setting from late 19th-century Russia to Ireland. Trudie plays Arkadina, a vain actress who dominates both her neurotic son and her lover.


"The Irish are famed for poetry running through their veins, great passion, the love of the use of language," Trudie said.

"England is not known for great passion and great poetry. It is much more held back and restrained."

The former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company decided to go back to the stage after many years in roles ranging from film producer to philanthropist.

Director Max Stafford-Clark called her out of retirement with 'A Dish of Tea with Dr Johnson' in 2011. While loving being back on stage, she hates knowing when friends and family are in the audience.

"I'm so happy to see everyone afterward, but please don't tell me who's there," she laughed.

And there are no exception – even for Sting.

"Yes. I don't allow him to tell me when he's coming," she said.

The Culture Project's production of 'The Seagull' debuts this month at The Lynn Redgrave Theatre in New York.

And it is a busy time for both Trudie and Sting, who has just released a new album 'The Last Ship', his first since 2003's 'Sacred Love'. Trudie has also produced two upcoming films – 'Black Nativity' with Forest Whitaker and 'Filth' with James McAvoy.