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Trolled style winner is 'stunned by support'


Lisa McGowan Photo: Andrew Downes

Lisa McGowan Photo: Andrew Downes

Lisa McGowan Photo: Andrew Downes

The woman who won the Best Dressed Lady competition at this year's Galway Races has taken on the online trolls and won.

Lisa McGowan decided to speak out about cyber-bullying after receiving a torrent of online abuse after her win at Ballybrit.

The nasty comments targeted her body shape, her skin colour and her smile.

But the insurance broker hit back at the keyboard warriors and urged them to "get a life".


"I'd had enough, to be honest. It's the Best Dressed Lady, if you don't like the dress or the hat or the way it's styled, that's fair enough, but things started getting personal.

"I've always been known to stand up for myself and my family, it's just the way I was brought up," she said.

Lisa's post on Facebook criticising the trolls has has already reached 350,000 people. She said she's been stunned by the reaction, but that it's shown her there is such a thing as "girl power".

"I've had at least 300 messages from complete and utter strangers, people who have no interest in fashion at all, saying fair play for standing up for girls who don't have the courage," said Lisa, who is from Tullamore Co Offaly.