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Trisha lands US talk show after cancer all-clear

Trisha Goddard has told how it is a dream come true to be relaunching her TV career in the US with a new show, after being given the all-clear from cancer.

The British presenter is to host a new show for NBC, based in New York -- her first major role since her lengthy stint on UK TV ended in 2009 when Channel 5 axed her show.


She said she sometimes cannot believe her luck.

"When I'm running across the fields with the dog back in England, I will wonder if all of this really happened," she said. "When I started out back in 1987, I never dreamed I would get a job as a television presenter in Australia, that I would be the first black female presenter in their history or that I would then be head-hunted back to England to present there.

"And then, to be here in the United States -- part of me thinks the alarm clock is going to go off in a minute and I will have to wake up and do the school run."

Goddard (54) became a household name in the UK after launching her Trisha show on ITV. She later moved to Channel 5 and continued working despite her diagnosis with breast cancer, but the series was dropped when the station said it could no longer afford the programme.


The star said she had recently been given a clean bill of health from her annual check after being diagnosed with cancer four years ago.

She said the disease has had a huge impact on her outlook.

"Cancer has definitely changed me.

"I love what I do -- I love connecting with people, whether it's in the street or on television -- but I'm far more relaxed about it all now.

"I'm not some career-driven beast these days," Goddard said.

"I used to live everywhere but in the here and now. I live in the now these days, I really do."