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Triple rapist on burglary spree in city

A TRIPLE rapist has embarked on a terrifying burglary campaign that could lead to a woman being sexually assaulted or murdered in her home, sources have revealed.

Gardai are on high alert after learning that one of the State's most notorious offenders has embarked on a crime spree.

The middle-aged convicted rapist, who has served three separate jail sentences for a spate of depraved sex crimes, is now suspected of multiple burglaries in north Dublin over the past number of weeks.

Gardai have managed to press certain charges against him in relation to the burglary offences but, despite objections, the sex offender has been released on High Court bail to continue his rampage. A senior source said: "There are grave concerns about this man – he is extremely dangerous, very volatile and aggressive and has a deep-rooted hatred of women and gardai.

"The fact that he is now involved in breaking into houses means women are being placed in a very vulnerable position if they happened to be in the house at the time.



"Another major cause of concern is that this criminal is living virtually anonymously in a large apartment block in Finglas in which a number of women live on their own."

The north Dublin man, who is in his late 40s, also has previous convictions for robbery, burglary and criminal damage and was last sent to jail last July for failing to notify the gardai of his address after his release from prison in 2007 under the terms of the Sexual Offenders Act.

When he was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 1999, the burglary suspect was described in court as a very disturbed and dangerous man who was part of "a very alienated delinquent sub group" which had made suicide pacts with each other.

He had pleaded guilty to three charges of aggravated sexual assault and false imprisonment against three women on September 28, October 19 and 21, 1997.

He also admitted robbing cash and other property from the prostitutes in the Wilton Terrace and Benburb Street areas of Dublin.