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Trinny latest to be overcharged for Dublin Uber trip


Woodall was charged €75. Photo: David M Benett/Getty

Woodall was charged €75. Photo: David M Benett/Getty

Woodall was charged €75. Photo: David M Benett/Getty

Celebrity makeover expert Trinny Woodall is among a number of Uber customers in Ireland who were charged up to €70 for journeys they did not take.

The National Transport Authority received a number of complaints from Uber customers who used the popular taxi app in recent weeks.

Trinny Woodall took to Instagram while she was in Ireland last week to complain after she was charged €75 for a short trip from the Merrion Hotel to 52 Merrion Square.

Other customers claim they were charged up to €200 for trips they did not make.

One woman was charged for three trips within the space of 11 minutes last Thursday - despite not actually using the app, her husband Glenn Holmes told the Herald.

"She checked the app and the nearest cab was 20 minutes away so she didn't call one in the end and instead used FreeNow.

"She was actually going to an event where Trinny Woodall was speaking.

"My wife was charged for three transactions in the space of 11 minutes, it was impossible for her to be in three cabs at the one time."

Meanwhile, Dubliner Will St Leger said he was charged €70 after he cancelled a driver.

"I got a refund but for someone who may be on a budget having to wait three days to get your money back can be rather stressful."

A spokesperson for the NTA said it appears there was a fault with the Uber accounting system.


"It was confirmed by the company's senior management the problem had been identified and addressed. It was also confirmed that affected customers had been refunded. No additional cases have been brought to our attention.

"There is no suggestion that customers were being overcharged by drivers."