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Trinity students to get 24-hour study room





HARD-working students at Dublin's historic Trinity College will have access to a 24-hour study hall, following a significant financial donation to the institution.

And the only time that the study hall will close is on Christmas Day.

The facility has been set out to accommodate 600 students and researchers in individual study spaces.

Three floors of Trinity's Ussher library are being opened on a phased basis this term and will be fully functioning later this academic year.

Students at the university had been requesting a 24-hour study facility for some time.

A scholarship programme has also been established at the college for up to six engineering students simultaneously as they pursue their education.

Both initiatives were announced following what was described as a "generous" donation by chief executive of Jones Engineering Group, Eric Kinsella, and his wife, Barbara.

The student study hall has been named in honour of Mr Kinsella's parents, William and Kathleen.

"We believe in the importance of supporting students to achieve their full potential in the course of their studies," Mr Kinsella said.

"I am gratified that the student study hall is going to be named in honour of my own parents."


Trinity's students' union president Domhnall McGlacken-Byrne said the availability of overnight study space has been a priority for students for some time.

"This 24/7 access is not just a necessity coming up to exam time, but also throughout the year, in order to complete projects and research," he said.

Trinity's library supports 17,000 students.