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Trinity crew reducing noise from new planes

a School of engineering at Trinity College has been chosen to coordinate three EU projects which will vastly improve air travel in Europe.

The latest project, ARTIC, aims to significantly reduce noise pollution through the creation of an innovative plane design which is currently being developed.

The combined budget for all three initiatives is €5.4m.

Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Trinity, Dr Gareth J Bennett (inset), who leads all three projects, described the pressing need for the venture.

"The standard plane we hop on to fly to Paris is fuel-inefficient for such a short-haul distance. In addition, the fuel and noise emissions into our environment need to be reduced," he said.

ARTIC will see the engineers work with EU industry partners, such as Italian aircraft manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi, as they seek to minimise a significant and growing source of noise pollution.

In excess of two billion people use air transport each year, and although the carbon emissions only amount to around 2pc of the total man-made emissions, this is set to increase to 3pc by 2050. In addition, noise is a growing concern with increased flight traffic affecting hundreds of thousands.