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Trial over golf club assault

A DUBLIN man accused of producing a golf club during a serious assault on a man in a butcher's shop is facing trial.

Paul Beirnes (39) was allegedly caught on CCTV cameras during the incident in Clondalkin. He denies the charge.

The defendant, of St Ronan's Way in Clondalkin, appeared before Blanchardstown District Court charged with seriously assaulting another man at O'Donovan's Butchers, Neilstown shops, Clondalkin.

The judge adjourned the matter for six weeks to a date in March for the service of the book of evidence.

Aircraft used to hunt rhinos

Poachers are using aircraft to hunt and kill rhinoceros, Zimbabwe's wildlife chief said, as demand in Asia for their horns' supposed medicinal benefits grows.

Parks and Wildlife director general Vitalis Chidenga said the poachers are well-equipped with sophisticated weapons -- and some 'big money' syndicates even used light aircraft for poaching missions and reconnaissance.

Rhino horn is prized in Asia as a traditional cure for everything from colds to impotence and it is used to fashion ceremonial dagger handles in oil-rich countries in the Middle East.

Chilean leader living on edge

Chile's president said he is not about to change his fun-loving ways just because some think he should play it safe.

Sebastian Pinera said he has no intention of giving up his passion for adventure sports such as skydiving, scuba diving, mountain climbing and river rafting.

He promises to be responsible about it, but said "one can't change his way of being".

Five-foot lizard out for a stroll

Animal services officers in California are looking for the owner of a five-foot-long lizard that was found wandering around a condo complex.

The animal is well-behaved for a Monitor lizard, said animal services, and it likely has been someone's pet for a long time. They suspect it escaped from its cage, perhaps while its owner was away, and it is hoped someone will claim it soon.