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Trespasser was hiding underneath barbecue

A TRESPASSER in the grounds of a school who fled from gardai was found hiding under a barbecue in a nearby garden.

Neil Guerrine (27) was told he will be given community service instead of a jail sentence if he is found to be suitable.

Guerrine, of Cloonmore Road, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to trespassing at St Colmcille's Community School, Scholars- town Road, Knocklyon, last November 21.

Gda Aine Bolton told Dublin District Court she saw two men jump into two gardens next to each other in Woodfield estate, damaging a motorbike visor in the process.


They then entered the school grounds before jumping into another garden where the accused was found hiding under a barbecue.

Compensation for the visor was paid by both men.

In another incident, on August 10 last year, Guerrine was seen fighting with another man and shouted obscenities when gardai intervened. He was arrested for public order offences.

The accused had a large number of previous convictions for trespass and other offences.

Guerrine was on social welfare and his girlfriend was due to have a baby in six months' time, his solicitor told the court.