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Trespasser claimed he was using a shortcut

A YOUNG man caught trespassing in the grounds of a telecommunications company said it was "entirely innocent".

Michael Doran (20) said he had been visiting his uncle and had jumped the wall on to eircom property as it was a shortcut to the main road.

Judge Anne Watkin ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing to a date in April.

The defendant, with an address at Cedarbrook Place, Ballyfermot, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to trespass at eircom, Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, on May 5, 2013.

Sgt Peadar McCann said gardai were on patrol when they were alerted to the defendant who was behind the closed gate at eircom.

Sgt McCann said Doran had climbed over the gate, and he had no permission to be there. The court heard he had no previous convictions.


Defence lawyer Gabby Deane claimed Doran had been visiting his uncle and innocently trespassed on the property when he jumped the wall as a shortcut back to the main road.

Sgt McCann said he did not accept this because the defendant "ran when he saw gardai".

Ms Deane said Doran was homeless and his "head was all over the place" at the time of the incident as his mother was in a women's refuge and, as a young man, he could not stay there with her.

The court also heard that Doran is a new father.

Ms Deane said all his energies have been focused on the child, who has been ill and in and out of hospital.

Judge Watkin said Doran was "up to no good" and she adjourned sentencing pending a report from the probation services.