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Treasure of Rising is sold for e100k

A PRIVATE buyer who paid €124,000 for an original copy of the 1916 Proclamation is expected to keep it in Ireland.

The framed copy, just one of 50 remaining copies printed for the 1916 Rising, almost doubled its guide price of €60,000 -€80,000 at the auction in Dublin.

The buyer, who did not wish to be identified, bought the document after a bidding war between four Irish people who all made their bids over the phone to Adams auctioneers.

The Proclamation was set up and printed under Citizen Army guard at Liberty Hall on Easter Sunday, using type borrowed from several sources and a cheap lot of paper specially purchased by James Connolly.

The buyer paid a price of €100,000, but will also have to pay €24,000 in auctioneers' fees.

Ciaran O'Boyle, an auctioneer with James Adams & Sons, would only say the item had been owned by an elderly couple in Co Longford whose family had strong Republican connections.