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Trawler crew in rescue drama

RNLI volunteers in Co Wexford braved biting winds and freezing temperatures to rescue the crew of a fishing trawler stranded 40 miles out to sea.

The seven-member volunteer lifeboat crew from Kilmore Quay battled severe conditions to rescue the five-member crew from Duncannon, Co Wexford, from their 23-metre fishing boat which had suffered engine failure on Sunday morning.

The crew was dispatched to the stricken vessel shortly after 8am yesterday and arrived on the scene more than three-and-half hours later.

Pat's appeal for Alzheimer's

RTE's Pat Kenny is urging people across the country to "put the kettle on" to raise vital funds for Alzheimer's research.

He joined Noinin Lewis, (6), and Siun Keaveney (4), from Cabra, in north Dublin, at the launch of upcoming Alzheimer's Tea Day yesterday.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is calling on everyone to "share a cuppa with friends, neighbours, family and colleagues" on May 9 to raise funds.

Religion hits school rosters

PRIMARY school teachers are using time set aside for teaching reading, writing and maths to prepare children for making their Communion and Confirmation.

Over 70pc of teachers said the preparation of children for the sacraments takes more time than is officially available for religion in their class timetable.

Teachers are supposed to devote just half-an-hour a day, or a total of two-and-a-half hours a week, to religion.

Cancer expert defends trips

Senator and cancer specialist Prof John Crown, whose trips to four international conferences were paid for by drug companies last year, said it made more sense to take money from their "deep pockets" than research charities.

Prof Crown, who made the declaration of payments in the register of members' interests in the Seanad, confirmed he attended cancer conferences in Vienna, Chicago, Vienna and San Antonio.