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Travellers vow to help mum of Scissor Sisters

SCISSORS Sisters mum Kathleen Mulhall is to be welcomed back by the Travelling community after her release from jail.

The 55-year-old walked free from prison shortly before 9.30am on Tuesday, a fortnight ahead of her scheduled release.

She had served a five-year sentence for impeding an investigation into the brutal killing of Farah Swaleh Noor in 2005.

She had begged for help and prayers in an internet post before her release.

Her two daughters, Charlotte (25) and Linda (32), remain in prison for butchering their mother's lover in a killing that shocked the nation.


A close relative of Kathleen posted on her behalf on a website used by North Dublin Travellers, begging for support.

The internet post read: "You may not know me, my name is Kathleen Mulhall, I was Ward before I got married, from the Travelling community, I will be getting out soon and I want to go back to my people, and family and I need your prayers for them to forgive me."

She had distanced herself from the Travelling community 30 years ago, following her marriage to John Mulhall.

Martin Collins, of Travellers' rights group Pavee Point, said: "It's not unusual for Travellers who have distanced themselves from the community to decide they want to return and when it happens, it's something that is welcomed.

"It certainly wouldn't be something that would be rejected."

Kathleen grew up as a member of a settled Traveller family at Macroom Road, Coolock.

As a small child and before the family moved to settled accommodation in Coolock, she was brought up in a caravan in the Finglas area, sources said.

But local sources say that when she married the Tallaght man in the early 1970s, she turned her back on her roots.

She was escorted on foot from the Dochas Centre Women's prison on Tuesday morning, before being driven away in a waiting car parked at the end of the laneway.

She spent her first night of freedom with a female relative in West Dublin, sources said.

Mulhall was taken to see potential homes a fortnight ago from prison. The trip was arranged in co-operation with an organisation that helps prisoners at risk of homelessness when they are released.