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Travel agent fined €500 after soiling taxi

A TRAVEL agent who was out celebrating a friend's return home from travelling had a cocktail which didn't agree with her and ended up soiling a taxi as she was being brought home.

Brefni Tiernan (41) also stuffed a blanket down a cell toilet after she was taken to Swords Garda Station, causing €137 worth of damage.

A judge refused to leave Tiernan without a conviction, saying soiling the taxi was an accident but putting the blanket down the toilet was deliberate.

Judge Patrick Brady fined her €500, and ordered her to pay €277 for the damage she caused.

The defendant, of Ballisk Court in Donabate, admitted before Swords District Court to damaging a cell in Swords Garda Station.

She also admitted to failing to pay a taxi driver €140 for soiling his vehicle.

The court heard that Tiernan had no previous convictions, and was very embarrassed about her behaviour on the night.

Tiernan's defence lawyer said his client was celebrating the return from travelling of her fiance's brother. She had some wine with a friend, and then had a cocktail which didn't agree with her, and she was very ill.

The lawyer said Tiernan did not stuff the blanket down the cell toilet, but rather flung it across the room, and it landed in the toilet.

The court heard the defendant travels a lot for work and a conviction could cause difficulties for her.

Recognisances were set for an appeal, and the defendant immediately lodged an appeal.