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Trapattoni 'can't wait to take on Italians'

GIOVANNI Trapattoni's interpreter says the Ireland boss is looking forward to the Euro 2012 finals clash against his native Italy.

Manuela Spinelli says despite Trap's desire to avoid facing Italy for "sentimental reasons", she believes he can't wait for the match.

She said: "I think Giovanni (below) is happy to play against them. It will stimulate him a little. Never mind if you start thinking we're on the wrong side once the Italian anthem starts playing."

Manuela, who has lived in Dublin since 1993, admitted her job hasn't always been easy. She says at first it was difficult for her to understand Trap because of his unique dialect.

"I couldn't get distracted for even a second. If I lost the thread of the conversation, I was finished."

Trap (72) recently took time to explain his very own "don't say cat if it's not in the sack" proverb. Manuela reckons Trap's verbal quirks and determination to connect with fans are part of what makes him so popular in Ireland.

She said: " He forced himself to speak English out of respect for his host country."