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Transplant mum has first Christmas dinner in five years


suzanne best

suzanne best

suzanne best

A YOUNG Dublin mum has spoken of how she's been given a second chance at life after a successful kidney transplant.

Now Suzanne Best (36) from Lucan takes Zumba classes and has just enjoyed her first Christmas dinner in years.

It was five years ago in December 2009 that Suzanne found out that there was something seriously wrong.

She woke up with poor breathing and a doctor came to her house who told her to go to the emergency department.

"I was put on oxygen and they were trying to work out what was wrong with me, and I ended up in intensive care and on life support," Suzanne said.

She was on life support for two days.

"I woke up and I was on a dialysis machine. I knew nothing about dialysis or what it did.

"My consultant told me both my kidneys had failed, but because they had now shrunk to being tiny, they couldn't tell me what had caused my kidney failure."

As well as being put on dailysis, Suzanne was put on the list for a kidney transplant some months later. But this year, she got a "wonderful" call to say a donor had been found.

"It was a Monday morning, I was just about to leave for dialysis. You can imagine I just broke down," she said.


Suzanne underwent the major transplant operation at Beaumont in February, and her donor kidney worked really well from the start.

"I feel amazing, and it's thanks to my wonderful donor who I think about all of the time. Now I am doing Zumba classes. It's just a transformation," she said.

This year she could eat a Christmas dinner like everyone else around the table. She enjoyed it with and her husband John (37) and daughter Alannah (7) who is in second class.

Suzanne paid tribute to the Irish Kidney Association for the help it gives people with kidney disease. She has recently set up a group to try and help others, called the Kidney Disease Support Group.