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Training is a rush, but I don't take my fitness regime to extremes - model Sinead

Former Miss Ireland Sinead Noonan has revealed to the Diary the intense fitness regime she follows in order to stay trim.

The stunning brunette has a personal trainer who keeps her in check and helps her tone her problem areas.

"I travel into Dublin to train at Access Gym in Raheny and my trainer Jocelyn is amazing and makes sure I keep up my sessions," she said.

"I train three to four times a week, I like to have a rest day in between work outs so that I don't get obsessed with it.

"I find you get such a rush after working out that it can be easy to end up going every day, but I don't want to over do it, so I keep it to a few days a week," she added.

The top model - who is signed to the books of the Andrea Roche modelling agency - has a history of fitness so doesn't find it too hard to stay fit.

"I was actually a competitive swimmer up until I was 18 so I learned a lot from that in terms of fitness and diet," she said.

"I still swim and I incorporate that into my work outs. I often go for a swim and then do some weight training with Jocelyn.

"She really mixes it up for me so I never get bored; some days we do TRX, others it's Pilates and she helps me with areas that most women are conscious of."

Sinead makes sure to eat healthily as well but doesn't take it to extremes.

"I'm not on a Paleo diet or anything like that," she admitted.

"I eat healthily and I don't each much bread but I don't deprive myself."

The Meath native has also just qualified as a beauty and skin specialist and dreams of opening her own clinic in the future.

"I think it's really important to have another skill because I probably won't be still modelling when I'm 90," she laughed.

"Beauty isn't something that's a million miles away from what I'm doing now anyway and it's nice to have another option, I might open my own clinic in the future."


And the boys will be happy to hear that the former pageant queen is currently single. "I'm not seeing anyone," she revealed. "I'm really busy with work and focussing on modelling at the moment. I'm not really looking for a relationship to be honest.

"It's not that I'm not interested, it's just that I'm so busy, that I don't even think about it," she added.