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Trail of blood led to gunman who fired rifle at house party

A TRAIL of blood led gardai to the home of a gunman who -- armed with a telescopic rifle -- shot at a house party.

A 34-year-old man is expected to be brought to Limerick District Court later today after he opened fire with a stolen gun on a party in Lord Edward Street in Limerick city over the weekend.

The horrific gun attack happened at 11pm on Saturday evening as the party was in full swing in a small city home.


It is understood that the culprit who was at the house party got into a disagreement with another man there.

An argument ensued and the would-be assailant left following the incident on Saturday night.

However, as the party continued he returned a short time later armed with a telescopic rifle (similar to the one pictured above), which he retrieved from an unknown location, and opened fire on the front door.

Investigating gardai believe he was attempting to gain access to the property with the weapon while people were still inside.

A number of shots were fired at the building and struck the door and a window.

The assailant suffered a deep wound to his hand when he attempted to get into the house through the front door.

He fled from the area after failing to gain entry.

Gardai were contacted by those inside who were said to be extremely shocked and frightened at what had just taken place.

They were able to provide responding officers with the name of the assailant.

However, the culprit made it easier for gardai to track him down as he left a trail of blood from the scene of the gun attack as he walked to his home in the city.

He was arrested by officers at his house on Saturday night and has been questioned at Roxboro Garda Station since the incident.


He is expected to appear in Limerick District Court today.

It has since been established that the gun used in the attack was stolen three years ago.

A forensic and technical examination of the scene took place following the incident.

"He was very lucky that he did not seriously injure or kill anyone who was at the party. It was an appalling attack," a source said today.