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Tragic Warren's girl was drunk in street

THE girlfriend of tragic Warren O'Connor has escaped without a conviction after she admitted to being drunk and abusive in public.

Mr O'Connor's girlfriend, Priscilla Darby (21) and her older sister Emma (22) had been ordered by a judge to complete anger management and alcohol awareness courses following a public order disturbance.

But Judge Ann Ryan applied the probation act to Priscilla Darby after a letter from her local priest was handed in.

A former soldier and talented sportsman, Mr O'Connor (24) was pursued and killed in January after he responded to a friend's request to ask a neighbour to reduce the noise coming from a party at an adjacent apartment in north Dublin.

Emma Darby, of Seville Place, North Strand, Dublin 1, was given eight weeks to attend anger management and alcohol awareness courses. Judge Ryan adjourned her matter to a date in May. Emma Darby previously told the court that her sister Priscilla, of Tulip Court, Darndale, was "upset" and grieving the death of her boyfriend. As a result, she missed a number of court appointments.

The pair admitted public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour in Eustace Street, Dublin, last year.