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Tragic tot Annabel (3) 'crammed in as much of living as she could'


Eileen Loughlin carries a picture of daughter Annabel at her funeral

Eileen Loughlin carries a picture of daughter Annabel at her funeral

Eileen Loughlin carries a picture of daughter Annabel at her funeral

The heartbroken mother of little Annabel Loughlin has told mourners how her daughter's last week alive was packed with wonderful memories.

Three-year-old Annabel died suddenly at her home in Delvin, Co Westmeath, last Friday.

Hundreds of people turned out yesterday in the pouring rain to say goodbye to the golden-haired toddler, the only daughter of hurler Enda Loughlin and his wife, Eileen.

Around 300 mourners packed the Church of The Assumption in Delvin to pay their respects to the heartbroken family and to celebrate a little girl "whose smile would light up heaven".

Annabel's parents talked about a "short life that was lived to its full".

"As a baby, right through to a three-and-a-half-year-old, Annabel never really liked to sleep," said her mother. "Now I realise she was just trying to cram in as many hours of living as she could.

"For a little girl, she'd lived life to the fullest. Every morning she'd wake up with her blonde hair and a smile ready for each day.

"I wanted to see what you would grow up to be. I wanted to hug you when there were boy troubles.

"I wanted to watch you fall in love and sit while you chose the perfect wedding dress. I even wanted to watch you have babies because you told me you wanted to be a mammy.

"She had the most special last week. We were continuing life as normal for Annabel, but we didn't realise that we were making memories."

On the morning before Annabel's death, Ms Loughlin said she happily played with her brother and his friends.

Annabel's father also offered a moving eulogy.

"I used to call her 'my little woman' and she'd reply 'my dadda'," he said.


"She had a heart of gold, a smile that would light up heaven and a temper that would put the fear of God into the strongest and bravest of us all.

"Being the smallest in Delvin didn't mean a thing to her as she had the biggest personality.

"Words can't describe the loss you are to your mammy, daddy, Senan and TJ. Sleep tight missy moo, we love you."

Annabel was laid to rest at Taghmon Cemetery.