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Tragic Sophie should be a grandma now

TRAGIC murder victim Sophie Toscan du Plantier would have been a grandmother this month, her heartbroken family have revealed.

Ms Toscan du Plantier's only child, Pierre-Louis Baudey (30) is to become a father.

Sophie's uncle, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, who is also the president of the association dedicated to finding out the truth about Sophie's murder, revealed Pierre-Louis's wife was expecting their first child.

Mr Gazeau said Pierre-Louis had been a teenager when his mother was killed outside her isolated home in West Court on December 23, 1996, and that so much time had passed that he was now about to become a father.

"He is a very responsible adult. He is working and he is married. He is going to be a father himself," Mr Gazeau said.

"Sophie would have been a grandmother this month.

"Pierre has been mobilised by the events of this past week and he wants to continue the fights for justice for his mother

"He was only 15 at the time and he was very well protected by the family. Now he is an adult and he is very rational."

Last week, the Supreme Court decided not to extradite former journalist Ian Bailey to France to be questioned by authorities.

The ruling came after the court heard of damning criticisms of the garda investigation contained in a hard-hitting 44-page report prepared by the Director of Public Prosecutions office in 2001.

The report slated the garda probe as "flawed and prejudiced" and also pointed out that Mr Bailey's partner Jules Thomas was arrested despite a clear instruction to gardai that she should not be detained.

Sophie's family was devastated to hear that Ian Bailey would not set foot in France, although he may still be tried in absence over there.

Mr Gazeau said the family would not give up their fight for justice.