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Tragic Lisa's organs will save six other lives


Lisa enjoying her adventure

Lisa enjoying her adventure

Lisa Orsi who is seriously ill after collapsing in Indonesia

Lisa Orsi who is seriously ill after collapsing in Indonesia


Lisa enjoying her adventure

The organs of a tragic Derry woman will save six other lives, it can be revealed.

Lisa Orsi (22) collapsed following a trip to a volcano in Indonesia last week.

Her body is being kept alive by a life support machine, but her family have now accepted there is no hope that she can recover.

Lisa's parents Dennis and Sharon yesterday granted permission for Lisa to be flown to Singapore, where her organs will be used for transplantation.

Her uncle Peter told the Belfast Telegraph: "We had hoped for a miracle, but sadly it was not to be. But Lisa herself will create miracles for six other people through her organ donations."

Lisa had spent the past year in Singapore working as a physiotherapist and had gone on a few days' holiday with friends to Indonesia.

During her trip she trekked up a volcano with her friends, but a few hours later fell ill, collapsing in the shower.

Her friends rushed her to hospital where she underwent tests to detect possible aneurysms, but Lisa's condition deteriorated rapidly and she became critically ill.

Dennis and Sharon booked emergency flights and rushed to their daughter's bedside, where they have maintained a 24-hour vigil.

Further tests to detect brain activity were not positive and arrangements were made to transfer her to hospital in Singapore, where Lisa's wish to donate her organs will be fulfilled. Thousands of miles away, her family in Derry, including her grandparents, John and Rosemary Orsi, are struggling with the realisation that they will not see Lisa alive again.

Peter said Lisa's vitality, energy and beauty will live on in the hearts of the hundreds of people who were lucky to have known her. He said: "Over the next day or so, Lisa is being transported by air ambulance to the hospital in Singapore where she worked.

"The hospital has arranged this, it is their way of looking after her and they will arrange for her organs to be donated as Lisa had wished.

"Lisa was so fit and healthy and full of vitality and I think it is beautiful that she will give the gift of life to others.

"She was such a caring person who was very focused on life and her next goal was to come home and study medicine so she could be a doctor for people living in South America; even now she is helping people and there is something appropriate in that.

"This terrible, terrible, heartbreaking thing that has happened to our family hardly seems real and it is particularly difficult for my own mother and father, Lisa's grandparents, to come to terms with.

"Lisa was like their daughter as well as their granddaughter and we are concerned for them too.

"Dennis and Sharon are dealing with the reality of what has happened now but it is like we are standing on the shore worrying that the tide has gone out when in reality a tsunami of grief is about to hit us."

Arrangements will be put in place to allow the large Irish community in Singapore to pay their final respects to Lisa.

During her year in Singapore, Lisa forged many friendships and a strong interest in sport led her to help set up a GAA team, the Singapore Gaelic Lions.

Her team-mates have joined efforts in Derry to raise funds to help with medical costs the family are facing.

To date, $7,000 has been collected by Lisa's GAA fraternity in Singapore.

Peter said: "We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have had from so many people, many of them never met Lisa but they still care.

"People have been so good, they have pledged their prayers and it is those prayers that are giving Dennis and Sharon strength right now out in Singapore and are keeping us going here.

"I have not got enough words to thank them, but they can be assured that they have our deepest appreciation and they will never be forgotten."