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Tragic Jonathan told of belief that everyone should be given a chance

The homeless man who died beside the Dail this week recently spoke of how every single person should be given another proper chance at life.

In an interview with Dublin City FM, Jonathan Corrie (43) discussed how people, especially the homeless, should be given an opportunity to redeem themselves.

"I think every person should be given a chance, maybe there should be a new scheme introduced where they say okay, we'll put you in (accommodation) and we'll give you this chance for a couple of months," he said.

"You pay rent, they put a price on it and then you have a chance because there is a huge amount of empty buildings that could be converted," he added.


Mr Corrie did, however, admit that the solution may not be as obvious as it seemed.

"I dunno, maybe it's not as easy as that, but yeah I think everyone should have a chance, every single person should have a chance."

He went on to discuss how sleeping rough had become a routine way of life for him.

"Most of my life I've been homeless. It's become a way of life to be honest with you. I'm not too pushed on getting indoors. It has become a way of life. It really has," he said.

The reporter who interviewed Mr Corrie, Hannah Parkes, explained how she found him to be a genuine person.

"He was a gentleman, very sweet and took his time. What I thought would be a five-minute chat turned into a 20-minute conversation," she told the Herald.

"He was highly intelligent and very open, and it was an absolute pleasure to converse with him," she added.

The reporter described how she interviewed him for a segment on homeless people about two months ago, and described how she was saddened when she heard the news about his death.

Jonathan Corrie was found dead in a doorway on Molesworth Street on Monday morning, just metres away from Dail Eireann.