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Tragic daughter discovers truth about killing at garda conference

"DID you get the post-mortem results of my father?"

These were the desperate words of the daughter of murdered Christy Daly to gardai assembled during a press conference.

The room fell silent as the young woman approached investigating detectives. She was quickly ushered in to an inside room where she was comforted by a female companion.

The dark-haired girl later departed the station with tears in her eyes, but made no comment as she made the journey home.

The discovery of Mr Daly's body came as a shock to his six children.

He was last seen by locals in Clara, Co Offaly, around the festive season.

"I haven't seen him since Christmas Day," Mr Daly's neighbour told The Herald.

The neighbour added that the 47-year-old was in "good spirits" and that he "had time for him".