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Traffic levels are motoring back to pre-pandemic levels


Roads are getting busier

Roads are getting busier

Roads are getting busier

The volume of cars on the roads has fallen by 16pc in Dublin and 12pc in regional locations while airline passenger numbers are down by 89pc, latest figures show.

Data from by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows the volume of cars for the first week in August was 12.6pc lower in regional locations and 16.3pc lower in Dublin than the same period last year.

The data shows that since the easing of Covid-19 res- trictions, vehicular traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels.

There were 84 road deaths in the first seven months of the year, while the corresponding figure last year was 78.

The volume of heavy goods vehicles is greater than it was for the same period last year in both Dublin and in the regional locations measured, except for a slight decrease of 0.2pc in the regions in the first week of August.


National Transport Auth- ority figures show the number of passengers using public transport has plummeted since the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of journeys by bus and rail in the week beginning April 12 was more than 10 times lower than in the first week of March.

In the week beginning April 5, the number of journeys by rail was 97.2pc lower than it was in the first week of March.

Statistician Olive Loughnane said public transport volumes are recovering much slower than private car journeys.

"The number of pass- enger journeys on public transport has dropped dramatically since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, with journeys by rail most severely hit," she said.

"Public transport volumes are recovering slower than road traffic.

"Data from Irish airports shows air transport continues to be heavily impacted by restrictions."

Air passenger data shows that during the first seven months of the year, 70pc fewer passengers travelled through Irish airports compared with last year.