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Trade in dublin port up 7pc so far this year

TRADE through the country's busiest port has risen more than 7pc so far this year in a sign of continued consumer confidence.

Transport of consumer goods, new cars and tourist numbers have grown year-on-year, and the Dublin Port Company said it expects 2014 to be a record year.

Total throughput for the year stands at 23.1 million tonnes, a 7.3pc increase on the same period in 2009.

To put the figure in context, the company said levels in the same period in 2007 - when the country's economic activity was at its height - reached 23.6 million tonnes.

"With growth in trade set to continue in the coming quarter, 2014 is expected to be a record year for trade at Dublin Port," it said in a statement.

High levels of growth were recorded for trade vehicles, with 14,802 new trade vehicles in quarter three, up almost 49pc on the same quarter last year.

The total this year is 58,399, up 30pc on the 44,987 that arrived in the first nine months of 2013, and boosting sales at garage forecourts across the country.

Over 635,000 ferry passengers passed through the port between July and September 2014. This brings the total numbers so far this year to 1,367,724, a 5.5pc increase compared to last year.