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Tracey was a beautiful, smiling fun-loving 18-year-old, but five months ago she took her own life

THE heartbroken mother of a teenage girl who died by suicide earlier this year has warned teenagers to get help if they have considered taking their own lives.

Susan Mallon, whose beautiful daughter Tracey (18) died last April 13, says her family has been torn apart by grief since she passed away.

Tracey had been a fun-loving, glamorous, and normal teenager, according to her mum, and she had no idea of the devastation her death would leave behind.

"It's just torn us apart. I've no way of describing it to be honest," Susan said.

"Every single night I go to the graveyard to say goodnight to her, and at the weekends I go twice a day. I want other teenagers to see what they're leaving behind. (They should) just talk."

Two teenagers, aged 13 and 18 from Dublin, also died by suicide on the same day that Tracey died and Susan warns that suicide is at epidemic levels in Ireland.

She believes her daughter felt she could not continue her life, but admits she would have done everything possible to save her.


"It took her two-and-a-half hours to write the suicide notes. She wrote them on her phone and it shows from the time she saved the first message until the last.

"The hard part is thinking of her writing them, knowing that she was going to do this and knowing that we'd find them."

"She just wanted to get out of this world. She sat for two hours and didn't pick up of the phone to any of us," Susan added.

The last time Susan spoke to Tracey they had "normal chit-chat" and Susan had no reason to think Tracey was feeling down.

"I would have handcuffed her to me if I'd known. She got more love and attention in the last five weeks because we knew that she needed help." But she added: "She even planned her funeral. She wanted everyone to wear pink and she wanted pink flowers and certain songs."

Over 950 of Tracey's friends have signed up to a memorial Bebo page and many still leave messages to say they miss the 18-year-old.

Susan has stressed that anyone who is feeling suicidal should never think that they're alone, because someone will always be available to support them if they ask for help.

"They should just pick up the phone at that moment, and they should realise the situation they're leaving behind. (Tracey) never in a million years in her own little head thought of the devastation that she would be leaving behind.

"I want to highlight to kids that if they get to that dark moment, they should think of their mother and father, and their brothers and sisters."

Tracey had a large extended family, all of whom have been left devastated by her death.

"I would have said to her okay, come and we'll go away on holidays for a month and forget about it.

"She has loads of aunties and uncles, and 27 cousins, but she felt her whole life was over," said her mother.

Teenline, a suicide prevention helpline aimed at teenagers can be contacted on 1800 833634.