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Tracey jumps at charity single chance

Sports broadcaster Tracey Piggott took to the mic for a different cause yesterday -- to offer her vocals for a new charity single.

The racing pundit contributed to the new song, Cheltenham, a parody of the 1964 Petula Clarke hit Downtown, alongside some of the biggest names in the racing world in the run-up to the Cheltenham festival.

Piggott is pictured here sporting a huge smile as she shows off her vocal talent and certainly looks the part with her oversized headphones. Recording for the song began Monday in Dublin and London, with two choruses featuring some of Ireland's most recognisable names from the racing world, including jockeys Davy Russell and Andrew McNamara, as well as trainers Tom Taaffe and Jessie Harrington.

The revamped version of Cheltenham will be downloadable from March 8 from iTunes and other digital stores.