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Toxic drug wreaks havoc on streets

Contaminated heroin has brought death and misery to the streets of Dublin many times in the last few decades.

In August Dublin drug services warned that heroin could be contaminated with anthrax. The warning was issued by the HSE following the hospitalisation of a man in Scotland.

Scotland's drug supply has been linked to Ireland in the past. Contaminated heroin which killed 17 users in Glasgow was brought to Dublin where it killed eight more people in 2000.

In December 2006 Dublin health authorities were put on full alert when six people died within a short space of time from what was thought to be contaminated heroin

Four people died at the Mater Hospital, one at Beaumont and another at St Vincent's hospital.

In May twin brothers were found dead by their mother in Limerick sparking a widespread alert about contaminated heroin.

Heroin is not the only drug to have caused problems.

In December 2007, two young men who took contaminated cocaine in Waterford died in hospital.

Last Christmas a drug cocktail was blamed for the deaths of two men in Cork.