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Town recalls killer tornado

Thousands of people carrying small American flags and wearing T-shirts bearing the names of friends and loved ones who died when a tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, marched through some of the hardest-hit neighbourhoods a year after the tragedy.

Last May's storm wiped away entire districts in the city of 50,000, destroyed Joplin's only public high school and left behind a moonscape of foundations wiped clean of their structures.

"It's been a rollercoaster year. Extremely high highs and lots of low lows," said Debbie Fort, principal of Erving Elementary School.

Media plea to see execution

US news organisations are suing the state of Idaho to allow media witnesses to see executions in their entirety.

The lawsuit asks a federal judge to require the state to increase witness access before the scheduled execution of convicted killer Richard Leavitt on June 12.

Idaho allows witnesses to watch executions only after the IVs have been inserted into the arms of the condemned.

Depp is made a Comanche

Johnny Depp has been made an honorary member of the Comanche tribe while in New Mexico filming The Lone Ranger.

Comanche Nation tribal member LaDonna Harris said the tribal chairman presented Depp with a proclamation at her Albuquerque home, which means she now considers Depp her son.

Depp's spokeswoman confirmed the actor, who plays Lone Ranger sidekick Tonto, participated in a ceremony, but declined to provide details.

Woman 'knifed pair to death'

A woman charged with murdering two Canadian tourists in Atlantic City, New Jersey, laughed, frowned, grimaced and repeatedly asked where her lawyer was during a court appearance.

Antoinette Pelzer, from Philadelphia, is accused of stabbing the two women, aged 80 and 47, near Bally's Atlantic City hotel. The older woman died from a wound to the heart and the younger woman, attacked while coming to her companion's aid, bled to death.