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Town counting cost as public turns away after video goes viral


Skerries Harps GAA and (on right) Skerries Town FC have had to shut over public health fears from the video

Skerries Harps GAA and (on right) Skerries Town FC have had to shut over public health fears from the video

Skerries Harps GAA and (on right) Skerries Town FC have had to shut over public health fears from the video

Restaurant bookings in the north Dublin town of Skerries have been cancelled over fears of a spike of Covid-19 infections in the town following a video made by local young people speculating over who might get the virus next.

Concerns were raised when the video began circulating on Monday.

In it, a number of young females had separately recorded messages in which they nominated people they guessed might become infected following an alleged positive diagnosis among their peers.

It is believed the females had been at a social event in Dublin and a close contact of one of them had the virus.

The group were then tested as a result, with reports that some of them showed up positive.

Skerries Harps GAA club and Skerries Town FC closed their doors as a precaution after the video emerged.

Businesses were critical of the video, with one popular restaurant saying it had two group cancellations for yesterday by noon.


"We've had two cancellations so far. They said they want to wait after there were rumours of Covid in the town. I think the video has had a negative effect on businesses," said a worker.

Meanwhile, the Blue Bar in Skerries has closed its doors voluntarily on a temporary basis after a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a message on its Facebook page, the owners said they made the decision in the interest of public safety.

It also carried a message that appeared to be aimed at local rumours that have circulated since the viral video was shared around the town.

"We would also like to distance ourselves from false reports in circulation, which contain a number of fake and malicious claims about Blue Bar. None of the people concerned have ever worked in Blue Bar," it said.

Local Green Party councillor Karen Power told the Herald: "People are understandably angry, but also very aware that things can take on a life of their own when they go viral on social media.

"There's anger, but there's also an appreciation for wanting to raise awareness and encourage people to take extra precautions without this kind of vilifying or finger-pointing or apportioning blame to anyone.

"It's my understanding that the girls are self-isolating.

"They weren't together when they filmed it. The clips were filmed individually and they're self-isolating at home, even from members of their own families."

A spokesman for An Garda Síochána said it was aware of a video circulating on social media highlighting a group of young females referencing Covid-19 infections.

"An Garda Síochána does not comment on an extract of audio/video footage, the timeline and context of which cannot be determined," said the spokesman.

"We are not investigating any premises in respect of this incident."