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Tourists shoplifted when holiday cash ran out

AN ENGLISH couple who turned to shoplifting when their holiday money ran out have apologised for their behaviour and said they are heading home.

Andrew Doran and Lucy Clifford, both in their 20s, stole cosmetics worth €76 from Penneys on Dublin's O'Connell Street as they were short of cash.

A court heard that the couple's family had sent them on holidays to Ireland, and they're heading home to Birmingham this week.

The couple's solicitor said they had return tickets to England. The pair, who were staying in a Dublin hostel but with addresses in Birmingham, admitted before Dublin District Court to stealing cosmetics from Penneys department store shortly before 4.30pm on August 14.

The court heard that the couple, who are both unemployed, were stopped by security staff as they made their way out of the shop with the goods.

The gardai were called and they admitted their behaviour.

A garda sergeant told the court that Doran and Clifford, who have no previous convictions, co-operated fully with gardai and the attempted theft was "amateurish". The couple's solicitor said their families paid for a holiday for them to Ireland, but their money ran out, they were penniless and they turned to shoplifting.

Judge Denis McLoughlin applied the probation act.