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Tourists' lucky escape as court ceiling crumbles

TOURISTS and members of the public had a lucky escape yesterday when a chunk of masonry fell from the ceiling of the Four Courts.

Several people were in the Round Hall when the large rosette fell from the domed ceiling.

Cranes have now been brought in so that engineers can get a closer look at the damage.

At around 10.30am yesterday, the rosette-shaped section of masonry, which formed part of the inner ceiling close to the centre of the dome, fell and shattered on the floor.

There were a significant number of people, including tourists, witnesses involved in cases, court staff, and lawyers, in the hall at the time.

Luckily they escaped injury.

A short time earlier it had been crowded prior to the beiginning of busy Monday morning courts lists.

The Courts Service said the damage was minor, adding that the centre of the Round Hall under the rosettes had been cordoned off.

A full inspection of the ceiling by engineers has now been arranged.