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Tourists give Dubs the thumbs up but value still an issue

A whopping seven million tourists visited Ireland last year and 65pc of them were impressed with Dublin and it's friendly locals.

The record number of visitors coincided with the Gathering and approximately six million of these foreigners visited Dublin.


When asked what would make them recommend the city the most, its people topped the poll. Dubliners were rated at the top for being "nice and friendly", according to the research by Failte Ireland.

Visitors made Dublin a stop on their tour to Ireland for its historical and cultural draw - but also for the scenery and entertainment.

And when tourists were asked what their overall experience with the locals was, they gave Dubliners a nearly 100pc score rate.

Travellers from overseas were asked what their experience of the city was, and to vote on things like people, landscape and value for money between one and five.

The friendliness of the local people got an average score of 4.83, and this was followed by landscape which scored a close 4.65.

Tourist body Failte Ireland interviewed visitors who had spent more than a night in the capital.

Of those surveyed it was the first time they had visited Dublin for 79pc of them and almost two thirds of them were under 45 years of age.

But the friendliness of Dubliners was not the only draw for tourists.

The number one reason why they visited Dublin was to explore the city's history and culture, which was followed in second place by the city's quaint towns and suburbs.

The city's scenery was the third reason why visitors chose the capital as a holiday destination.

And even though Ireland might have a reputation for top quality cuisine, according to the research, last year's tourists were not overawed by the city's culinary offerings.


When asked about their experience of eating out in Dublin, the quality of ingredients only received a 5.3 out of ten rating.

And bottom of the pile in terms of food was value for money, which received a poor 3.3 out of ten.