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Torture saved lives, says Bush

Former US president George Bush said information obtained from terrorist suspects through "waterboarding" prevented attacks on London.

In his memoirs, he said the use of the controversial interrogation technique -- which simulates drowning -- had helped to break up plots to attack Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf. Bush confirmed he authorised the use of waterboarding to extract information from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al-Qa'ida mastermind behind the 9/11 attack.

Fine Gael wins by-election bid

TWO members of Fine Gael have been given High Court permission to challenge the Government's failure to call by-elections in Waterford and Dublin South.

The court granted applications by Senator Paudie Coffey, Fine Gael's candidate in Waterford, and Michael Van Turnhout, the constituency chairman in Dublin South, for permission to take the challenges.

The proceedings follow last week's decision declaring a delay in moving the writ for the vacancy in Donegal South-West was unconstitutional.

Statins 'prevent heart attacks'

Using more potent doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs could prevent thousands more heart attacks and strokes, research suggests.

Scientists from the UK and Australia looked at how death and heart attack rates changed with more intense statins -- taken by several million people each year.

The results, published in medical journal The Lancet, found that stronger treatments cut the numbers of major heart attacks and strokes by a "highly significant" 15pc.

37 jobs axed in medical firm

A HEALTH Care company is preparing to shed 37 members of staff in Co Donegal.

Staff at Medisize in Letterkenny were briefed by management yesterday about plans to axe up to 12 jobs before Christmas and a further 25 jobs in Feburary when a current line of production ends. The company, which employs 160 people, manufactures pharmaceutical packaging.