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Top Trump moments that have damaged reputation of States



Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

There used to be a schoolyard card game called Top Trumps, with cards swapped over challenges in various categories, the highest number winning.

Donald Trump's four-year reign has instead involved the bar being set ever lower, with Ireland and the world repeatedly looking on flabbergasted and aghast as he exhibited his ignorance and capriciousness, seemingly sinking lower at every step.

Here are some of the Worst Trumps from his time in office, now guillotined at last by the accession of Joe Biden to the Oval Office.

1) The separation of mothers and babies at the border

Hundreds of children have still to be reunited with their parents after Trump authorised forcible separations of adults and children, aimed at discouraging families from crossing the Rio Grande on the southern US border.

The policy, which was implemented in 2017, was blamed on former attorney general Jeff Sessions and it was exacerbated by the deaths of two children - aged 7 and 8 - who had not been separated from their parents while in US custody.

Trump claimed it was an Obama policy, but he also induced fear in the undocumented Irish by urging ICE, the immigration force, to step up deportations.

2) The Capitol Hill insurrection

Trump might share with Osama Bin Laden the targeting for attack of the magnificent Capitol building - except that the domestic terrorists got through.

The hijackers of United 93, believed to have been headed for the US Capitol, were met by a passenger rebellion that brought the aircraft down in a field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in September 2001, killing all aboard.

Trump has now been impeached twice, and his Senate trial will hinge on his alleged incitement of the rioters.

3) Urging the injection of bleach to counter Covid

Everyone has seen the footage and the squirming of public health adviser Dr Deborah Birx as the president suggested a jab of Clorox, a brand of liquid bleach, under the skin could cure the virus. Some people followed Trump's advice and became very ill.

By not wearing a mask and failing to encourage social distancing, Trump has probably played a role in the infection of millions of Americans during a pandemic that has claimed many, many lives.

4) Backing Putin over his own intelligence chiefs

At a summit in Reykjavik, Trump humiliated his own security services by saying he was convinced by Vladimir Putin's reassurances that Russia did not try to interfere in the 2016 election that brought Trump to power.

The services, which have recently seen a cyber-attack on the US go without response, also claimed Russia had tried to interfere in the 2018 midterms and influence last November's poll.

Trump's whims in matters of foreign policy are also seen as encouraging like-minded narcissists like Kim Jong-un, who, far from backing off, is now announcing the planned construction and deployment of nuclear submarines.

5) Threatening Ukraine with the ending of defence aid if it did not find dirt on the Bidens

This was the appalling abuse of power that led to Trump's first impeachment, when he told the president of Ukraine that he wanted something in return for defence aid against Russian encroachment into the Crimea and backing for armed breakaway militias in eastern Ukraine, money the Congress had already voted to be spent.

What Trump asked for was dirt on Joe Biden's son Hunter, and a public Ukrainian statement that it was investigating his company.

No such announcement came and the money was eventually paid over when the story leaked, with a related row over the attempted hiding of the transcript of the conversation on a secret secure White House server.

6) Pulling out of the Paris climate accord and Iran nuclear deal

We might as well add 'undermining Nato' to this one.

Joe Biden has promised to instantly reverse Trump's decision to abandon the Paris deal, which was to guard against planetary overheating by 1.5C since industrial times, seen by many experts as the tipping point for irreversible weather chaos and sea rise.

Trump, of course, was trumpeting coal instead. On the far cleaner nuclear power plants and Iran's spinning off of enriched uranium for weaponised nukes, the inhabitant of the Oval Office ripped up years of patient work by his allies. And then assassinated an Iranian general.

7) Referring to 'shithole' countries

Not content with alienating his allies, other countries with potential goodwill were told where to get off by Trump.

This particular remark arose after criticism of his failure to help earthquake- and climate-ravaged countries, including Puerto Rico, a US territory. He told Senators (in a comment later denied): "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"