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Top Secret ... 007 couldn't ski - Pierce





Actor Pierce Brosnan has revealed that one of his most awkward moments as James Bond was pretending to ski during the filming of The World is Not Enough.

Ian Fleming, author of the original James Bond novels, passed his love for skiing on to 007 ensuring the alpine sport made regular appearances in many of the 23 films since Sean Connery first burst on the big screen in Dr No in 1962.

Roger Moore was filmed in ski chases in three Bond movies but Pierce Brosnan told how he was quite alarmed when he discovered what his role was as he had never learned to ski.

The actor told the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon how he ended up red-faced in front of a resort full of skiers when he was filmed mimicking skiing moves on the back of a skidoo on the slopes.

"Making the Bond movies was just a hair's breadth off a parody at times. I was reading one of the scripts and it had skiing and I thought 'I don't ski'," he said.


He knew from watching actor Roger Moore in previous Bond movies like The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only, that previous skiing scenes hadn't been entirely convincing.

"I love Roger Moore, He was brilliant but Roger on skis was kind of silly. There was clearly a green screen," Pierce said.

"They said 'Don't worry Pierce, everything is going to be good. We're going to put you on the back of a skidoo'."

The skiing sequence where he races down the slopes with actress Sophie Marceau (inset) - who plays an heiress being protected by the secret agent - was filmed in the five star ski resort Chamonix in the French Alps.

"I went up to Chamonix, a beautiful part of the ski world and I was kneeling on the back of a skidoo," he said.

"They had the cameras in front of me and this guy took off at about 35 miles an hour.

"And they gave me these little short poles."

The actor told how he had to go down on his knees on the skidoo and mimic skiing with his short poles for the five minute film sequence.

"It was not very cool. Theatrically I understood it and got it. I thought it was brilliant and it was going to look really great. But what I didn't know it was a very fancy resort - a tad embarrassing," he said.