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Top model Teo is looking east for her travel dream

Top model Teodora Sutra may be ditching the glamour of modelling for a backpack.

The 23-year-old is determined to go travelling at some point over the next year with her personal trainer boyfriend, James Murphy (inset below).

"We're both really busy at the moment. I've had a great summer of work and I just got back from two weeks at home in Latvia. I'd always pick going home over going to Spain or anywhere but I'd love to travel further afield," Teodora said.

The couple would love to head to Thailand for an extended break.

"James is really busy as well, as he's opening a new Zest studio, but we would really love to travel over there next year. I'd love to take a month or two off and travel around Thailand. That would be an absolute dream."

Even though she lives with him, Teodora admits that it's hard to get a session with James.

"He's so busy that I have to book in. But hopefully, with the new studio now, I'll get more chances to work out with him. He's a very good trainer."

While she's a well-known face at home, Teodora is contemplating branching out across Europe, following in the footsteps of other top models such as Rosanna Davison.

"I've always thought about maybe getting an agent abroad but I've been so busy here that I've never got around to it. We might do some travelling around Europe and contact some agencies, but I've no solid plans just yet," she continued.

Even though Teodora was featured in a Life magazine shoot about piercings and tattoos last weekend, the Latvian beauty insists she won't be getting any tattoo, any time soon.

"I'd say the only place I could get one without it showing in a shoot is the bottom of my foot," she laughed.