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Top Irish designer's staff chased off burglar, saving her entire collection


Lya Solis.

Lya Solis.

Lya Solis.

It could have been a disaster of high-fashion proportions when the building housing designer Lya Solis' studio was broken into.

A man forced his way into the premises on Fitzwilliam Street in the early hours of yesterday morning.

He trashed a number of offices before being startled by one of Lya's employees who had arrived to work early.

"One of my staff members came in at 6am because we were staging a show yesterday and he scared him off," she said.

"They trashed upstairs and basically destroyed any offices that were open.

"Mine just happened to be locked but the day before I had left it open," she continued.


"They were really dramatic getting out as well, they broke the window with a fire extinguisher.

"It couldn't have happened on a worse day, I was so stressed but I'm just so thankful he didn't get into my workshop or touch my collection," she added.

Lya unveiled her autumn/winter collection at the Westin Hotel last night at an event that was presented by Kathryn Thomas and The Corona's played a short set after the catwalk show.

Lya explained her new collection is inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape.

"The inspiration came from the weather, the landscape and things like that so we have a lot of floral and leafy patterns," she explained.

"A lot of it is handmade so there is a lot of attention to detail and I focus on the way the clothes fall to flatter the body shape."

Lya has dressed various celebrities including Una Foden and Caroline Harrington.

"I would love to dress Vogue Williams, she has an amazing body shape and I would love to see her in my clothes," she said.