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Top cop given task of keeping watch over rapist Murphy

GARDA HQ has appointed one of the country's top detective inspectors to lead a team monitoring serial killer suspect Larry Murphy .

The officer has worked on a number of high profile cases in recent years and will oversee the surveillance operation on Murphy, due for release from prison next Thursday.

The Garda Siochana and the Prison Service have set in motion the process of releasing Murphy into the public, with a policing plan to monitor Murphy will be coordinated from Garda district headquarters in Mullingar.

The Herald understands that there are no plans at this stage for an overt garda surveillance of Murphy at this stage with gardai likely to act covertly.

The Governor of Arbour Hill has notified Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy about the release in recent days, it is understood, as required under the Sex Offenders Act 2001

Under the Sex Offenders Act 2001, Murphy must give the address he will live in after his release but does not have to sign in at a garda station for seven days after his release.

Gardai are expected to monitor Murphy on his release to ensure that he complies with the terms of the act.

There have been unconfirmed reports that Murphy plans to live in the UK after his release to escape media attention, but he will have to notify the gardai if he wished to leave this jurisdiction for a period longer than seven days. Gardai can then pass on the details to UK police, who can assume the surveillance operation.

Larry Murphy is due to be released 10 years into a 15 year sentence for the brutal, repeated rape of a Carlow businesswoman in 2000.

He has never sought counselling or any form of rehabilitation since his imprisonment almost a decade ago and his brother fears he will reoffend.

"I think he will strike again," his anxious brother said.

"He has done it once so there is no reason why he won't do it again."

Gardai investigating the disappearance of six women in the Leinster area, as part of Operation Trace, were extremely interested in Murphy and he continues to be the prime suspect in the disappearances of Jo Jo Dullard (21), Deirdre Jacob (18) and Annie McCarrick (26).


Murphy has so far refused to cooperate with investigators.

On the night of February 11, 2000, Larry Murphy attacked a 28-year-old Carlow businesswoman.

The woman was returning to her car when he attacked her, breaking her nose, pushed her into her car and took her keys.

He drove her to his own car and tied her up and drove to an isolated area where he once attacked his wife's friend.

He raped and beat her before driving her to another remote location where he subjected her to a violent and depraved attack.