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Too nice Hannah sent packing as 'full Irish' and that stunning nude pose fail to do trick

TOP MODEL Hannah Devane enjoyed a full Irish before she posed nude for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

The upcoming catwalk star has revealed that before she stripped off for her naked photo shoot on the Sky Living show, she enjoyed a big Irish breakfast.

TV viewers were stunned last night as the gorgeous brunette was axed from the show after posing at Kildare hotel Carton House in front of former model Yvonne Keating and renowned photographer Barry McCall.

"It had been said to be that I was too commercial, but I'll never regret the experience. I gave it 100pc," Hannah said.

The 22-year-old Ballsbridge beauty, who reached the final 10 of the competition, impressed the judges right until the end, but was dubbed "too nice" for the harsh industry.

"You do have to be thick-skinned about things said to you, but I don't think you have to be bitchy and mean to other people just to get ahead," Hannah said. "Obviously at the time I was devastated. It's like getting a little taste of what you want and then suddenly, it's all over," she said about her exit from the hit series.

"It is hard because you're living in this house with these girls away from home and you get used to it very fast. But then they're like 'you have to head home now' and you're saying to yourself, 'But I don't really have that much on right now'.

"That was disappointing, but I tried to stay positive about it. It's hard to go from modelling every day to not modelling at all and then going back to your normal life. It was a hard transition," Hannah added.


The UCD student, who previously described herself as a "plain Jane", wowed Elle Macpherson when she auditioned at the Dublin open casting at Brown Thomas.

"I never thought of myself as striking in any way and was a bit of a wallflower and very shy in school. I thought I had bad skin and was lanky and awkward. It took a while for me to be comfortable with myself."

Hannah -- who was a finalist in the Miss Universe Ireland -- is still looking forward to a career in modelling despite missing out on the Next Top Model title.

Forced to keep things under wraps until the episode aired -- "I could only tell my parents, my sister and my best friend," she explained.