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'Too cold for sharks' safety book launch

Fishermen are 40 times more likely to be killed when carrying out their work compared to other sectors.

Children from all over the country have come together to highlight the importance of safety in the sector in a book called Too Cold for Sharks.

It is being published by the Kids' Own Publishing Partnership and is the culmination of a project involving 116 children.


The book is going to be sent to every primary school and library in the country, and will be followed with workshops with children in fishing communities.

The Health and Safety Authority sponsored the book, which was launched at Croke Park.

The main cause of deaths in fishing is the vessel capsizing. The next most common cause is entanglement in nets and being dragged overboard.

To date this year, there has been one fatality.

"When incidents happen in the fisherman's workplace, it can wipe out multiple members of a family," said Martin O'Halloran, the CEO of the Health and Safety Authority.