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Tony and 'Molly' gear up for Dubs clash

UP TO 50,000 Dubs were descending on Croke Park today for the clash with Tyrone.

And key amongst them will be Dublin's 'biggest fan' Tony Brockin, who has vowed to continue his long-standing family tradition of supporting the boys in blue -- by donning his now-famous Molly Malone costume.

The 79-year old has been dressing up as Molly Malone for the past 30 years, when he stepped in to fill the shoes of his late brother, and he insists the costume is ready to go once again for today's quarter final.

"At this stage, I think people expect me to dress up. The outfit is all cleaned, the dress is washed and the wig is ready for Saturday," he told the Herald.

Mr Brockin, of Cabra West, said that he has yet to scoop up his ticket, but hasn't missed a match in the last 30 years -- and is in the process of recruiting a guest to accompany him.

The crucial qualifying match doesn't throw in until 4pm, but he will be heading down early in the afternoon to ensure he doesn't miss any of the atmosphere.

And he loves dressing up just as much as his grandkids love to see it, admitting that other fans even recognise him in the street without his get-up.

"I didn't get my tickets yet, I must get them soon, but I always do. I will of course be there," he told the Herald.

"I had such a great laugh last year, the crowd was going mad and the craic was great.

"I'd like to go down around 2.30 and have a look around.


"I normally go with my daughter, but she's away this year so I may go with one of my grandchildren instead.

"They're over the moon with it, they think it's great. They tell me I'm mad but they love it," he added.

The super fan added that dressing up and stepping out to support the Boys in Blue has become an important factor in making Dubliners happy -- which has become a relative rarity in the recession.

"It's a bit of a laugh really -- and I think we could all use that, especially with the way things are going now," he said.

"It's keeps me happy with what I'm doing, there's always great craic with the Dubs, you can't beat it."

Up to 140,000 football supporters should make it to GAA HQ over the holiday weekend for the four quarter finals.