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Tommy tackles world of fashion ... before getting down to real business on the pitch


DESIGNS: Tommy Bowe launches his menswear line

DESIGNS: Tommy Bowe launches his menswear line

DESIGNS: Tommy Bowe launches his menswear line

THE Irish rugby squad has been training hard all week, but Tommy Bowe has still managed to moonlight as a chic fashion designer.

Our boys will line out against Australia today, and afterwards Bowe will no doubt be dressed to impress.

He has managed to take some time out to promote his new menswear line, called XV Kings.

Bowe poses in some of his favourite garments – the 'Chiefs' polo shirt in Eton Blue (€39.99) and the Western Force Gilet (€69.99).

The collection is filled with must-have items for rugby nuts.

Think lots of hoodies, cashmere sweaters, puffa gilets and sharp Harrington jackets.

But in the world of fashion, you are only as good as your last collection, and sartorial kingpin Tommy is already thinking of the future.

"I hope to expand the range in the coming seasons, offering a complete wardrobe," he said.



The clothing line has been produced by the same people behind Tommy's footwear line, Lloyd & Pryce.

"They're the type of clothes guys would wear to a rugby match," said Claire Kerley of Lloyd & Pryce.

"It's a bit like Tommy Hilfiger, but not as expensive. Tommy is a laid-back guy so his clothes will reflect that.

"He's got a good sense of style. Lots of men will relate to him and lots of women will want their other half to dress like him."

Who knows? Maybe a few tries today and fans will start going for the Tommy look.